Ben's the Type of Guy Who...

...every Valentine’s Day, buys a bag of small candy hearts that say things like  “Go Away,” “Hate You,” or “Friend Zone” and then throws them at people throughout the day, shouting angrily  “Happy Valentine’s Day!” He really does not like the holiday.

...when he sees a “beware of dog” sign, it doesn’t matter how big or scary or mean-looking the dog is, he is going to pet that dog. And it is going to love him. Cause puppies always love him…right? Yes, he calls all dogs puppies.

...even though he is used to pain, would act like a baby if he got even the slightest sunburn and wouldn’t let anyone touch him. And yet, being the scientist and weirdo that he is, he would constantly be poking the burn to see how long it stayed white and to know if it was feeling any better than five minutes ago, and every time he would yelp in pain and be yelled at by Colette to just “leave the sunburn alone and stop moving so I can finish putting aloe on your back. Gosh, for a genius you can be a real idiot sometimes.”