My Loves


Welcome! All my lovely characters would like to say hello. : ) Underneath each character's name I will put the name of the book in which they appear.

 Benjamin A. Connley


Ben is my oldest (time-wise, not age) character. He has been a friend of mine (yes, friend. I'm a writer, ok?) since I was seven or eight years old. He's a smart, goofy, shrimpy seventeen year old with thick black hair and green eyes. I think of him as looking quite a bit like Froy Gutierrez.

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Jeffery John Stern


Jeffery has a secret that makes him the perfect retrieval specialist/assassin. But at twenty-four years old, he has finally decided that he doesn't want to lead the life of an assassin anymore. Will he be able to get out or is he too valuable? His face claim's are Jeff Ward and Maxence Danet-Fauvel.

Colette Lindsay Tance


Colette has been Ben's best friend since kindergarten. She's been with him through good times and bad, and no one could ask for a better friend. She may seem harsh at times, but she really has his best interests at heart. My face claim for Colette is Catherine McNamara. 


Evangeline K. Carter


Evangeline Carter is the daughter of a pirate captain who's learned how to get what she wants through thieving and deceit. All she's known is pain and hardship, leaving her with the worldview that nothing good ever lasts. Everything is but as smoke in the wind, temporary, meaningless, hevel. Will dashing pirate Rowan Gainsby with his optimistic outlook be able to convince her otherwise? Her face claim is Scarlet Leithold.

Rowan Gainsby


Rowan has always been a pirate and is supposed to someday take over as captain of his fother's ship. His constantly cheerful outlook on life and knack for getting out of work give his father doubts about his ability as a leader, but when it counts, Rowan believes he'll be able to step up to the job. His face claim is Craig Horner.

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Zaneta Gennaios


Zaneta is the sworn Protector of Earth. It is her duty to watch over our planet and thwart any outside invasion. All in all, a boring job as not many care enough about Earth to invade, but when the Kyvernites attack, her life gets more exciting then she could (or would) have ever wished. 

Mylo Kordimylota


Mylo is Gatekeeper of Ziforen. He's always been one to follow rules, keeping himself safe from consequences. But what will happen when he no longer agrees with the decisions the Council is making? What will happen when his orders do more harm than good? Will he continue to watch out for "number one", or will he bend the rules to save the greater number of people? I was ecstatic to find the perfect face claim for Mylo -- Lucky Blue Smith.  

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