Short Stories

Ella's Retelling

A 101 Dalmations retelling. 


Wordcount: 2,113


Here's to the Underdogs!

here's to the underdogs cover 4.jpg

Wordcount: 69,350        Pages: 167

Benjamin Connley is an outcast at school. His depression leads him to make a very drastic decision, but it is because of this decision that Ben realizes how selfish and blind he’s been, thinking only of himself. His only true friend is Colette...that is until he starts meeting others who are struggling as well. His small group of friends grows and bands together to form the Underdogs. By sticking together, and learning about God's love and grace toward them, they are able to repay the hate that they've been shown with love and kindness, starting a revolt against bullying and leaving behind them a legacy that won't be soon forgotten.