Hey there! 

Indie Publishing has been a wild, scary, expensive, and exciting ride. I've had to learn as I go, but that just means I'll be more prepared next time! I'm currently a month away from my launch date (December 15th), and I couldn't be more excited! ...or more stressed. But it will all be worth it in time. I've had the privilege of working with some wonderful people, and I have a great launch team cheering me on. 

Launch Team

A launch team is a group of people who agree to read a book before publishing so they can write a review on Amazon during the launch week. Why is this important? Well, the way Amazon works as far as I understand is that the more reviews a book has, the more Amazon "promotes" it and the more it gets seen. Now, it's very important for a self-published book like mine to do well during launch week. If it doesn't, it has very little chance of becoming even a small success. That's why I need you to join me! The book is relatively 69,000 words which may sound like a lot, but really isn't. A book has to be over 50,000 words to be considered a novel, and most Young Adult fiction books are closer to 75,000 or even 100,000 or more. So "Here's to the Underdogs!" is quite small. May target launch date is December 15th, so as soon as I get the final draft written up on my computer (shouldn't take long), you have until then to read it. If you would like to see a synopsis of the book, check out the "Finished Works" page under the "My Works" tab.


Even if you can't commit to reading the book, you can still help by spreading the word and helping me find people who can join the launch team! The genre is YA Christian Contemporary, and my target age range is 14-19 (YA), though towards the higher end of that scale. Anything you can do to spread the word helps! 


Those who officially join the launch team and read the book will get their name in the book as well as a free PDF copy to read, as well as possibly a discounted copy on Amazon, though the price during launch week for an eBook copy will be around a dollar so that my faithful launch team members can inexpensively download the book before leaving a review.  

Please consider joining and send anyone my way who may be interested! Thank you! You or anyone interested can email me either at shannonaardsma@gmail.com or at write.on6240@gmailcom.