• Shannon Aardsma


I am officially done with high school! Yay! I have had the privilege to go to the most amazing Christian school, Adirondack Christian School, since fourth grade. It has really been a blessing and I'm honestly going to miss it. But I'm ready to move on...sort of. I'm still figuring out just what the next step is, but I'll find it with God's help.

This evening was really amazing though. I was happily surprised by a hug I got from a certain friend and when I got home and opened the cards from everyone I realized how much I really love my church and school family. Everyone has been so encouraging and helpful throughout the years. A huge shoutout goes to my teacher. He has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and pursue what I am passionate about and especially over the past couple years he has been incredibly helpful in furthering my college education. I am also so thankful to my friends. They have made highs school so amazing and so much fun. I hope we'll be able to spend a lot of time together this summer and stay close over the years. You guys are amazing!

To y'all still in school, enjoy the time you have left. I know you're probably dying to be finished, but enjoy having everything planned out for you. Maybe you already have your future figured out, and if so, great! You're ahead of the game. But if you don't, don't worry. You've still got a bit of time. Don't rush into anything because you think you need to start your life straight out of high school. Wait for God's leading.

Good luck guys! And congrats to those I graduated with! It's been a pleasure these past several years and an honor to graduate alongside you. *tips hat*

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