• Shannon Aardsma

Writing Milestone

So...it's been a while since I've posted anything, and it's not even because nothing's been happening. My sister got married and is now expecting, my aunts visited, I had a friend go off to college, and my dad and I finished cutting all of the logs that were delivered to our house for firewood. Well, he used the chainsaw while I hauled and stacked the mini logs and we still have to split the log pieces and stack the split wood, but it felt good to complete one major step in the process. My point is, I've had stuff to post about. I just haven't posted. But...I am super excited right now and had to share my excitement. I just exceeded 25,000 words in my novel!!! That's been a mini-goal of mine for quite some time and today with the over 1,000 words that I wrote, I made it! "Here's to the Underdogs!" has reached a quarter of the target length I have for this book and I feel like celebrating somehow. I'll probably just eat a bunch of ice cream and see if my mom will watch a movie or episode of something with me, but I'm still psyched. I have never gotten this far in any book before and I owe a lot of my "success" to my alpha's, my first alpha in particular. She's the reason this book started in the first place, so a huge shoutout to her and the rest of my alphas. You guys are amazing! 😘

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