• Shannon Aardsma

A Writer Is…

Hopeful about her future.

Enthusiastic about books--- hers and anyone else’s.

Adventurous in all things.

Risky--- she’s a writer after all.

Talented--- crafting a compelling story with lovable (and despicable) characters isn’t as easy as it seems.

Optimistic--- she brings light and hope to all.

Faithful in her passion.

Ambitious and willing to do what it takes to fulfill her dreams.

Wise--- the more she writes, the more she learns.

Resourceful--- whether she’s getting her characters out of danger or navigating the waters of marketing and publishing while somehow keeping her finances in order.

Imaginative--- she creates worlds and lives and dreams.

Trusted by her readers.

Empathetic toward her beloved readers and cherished characters.

Rebellious--- she’s been told a thousand and one times to get a real job and a real life -- to grow up -- yet she refuses to let the doubts of others crush her dreams.

I hope you enjoyed that prose! Prepare to relearn your ABC's in next week's post. ;)

And for some "house-keeping": I added several collages to the "Character Collages" page and updating some things with the blog part of this website (including adding "recent posts" on the Home page). Enjoy!

I apologize that this week's post is two days late! I've had it ready since Wednesday and only had to press "post" on Friday, but when I came home from work, I forgot. Same thing Saturday. I remembered just now, so I'm sending it before I forget again. See you Friday! Hopefully. ;)

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