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Cake-- A Great Motivator

Star Child Snippet #1: Interrogation

Person: I ain’t talkin.

Gabe: sharpens knife We have ways of making people talk. grins darkly

Jeff: snatches the knife from Gabe and cuts a slice of cake (that he did not make)

Gabe: What are you doing?

Jeff: People like cake. He’ll talk for cake. turns to person Won’t you?

Person: nods vigorously and gives up the information, scarfing down the cake

And that's my first "Star Child" (current title) snippet! Since that's the story I'm working on, I thought it might be fun to start introducing you to the characters and story in a way that really doesn't spoil much. These snippets don't have much to do with the story, they'll just give you an idea of what each character is like. I'm also going to put together some "character files" to give a better introduction to the characters.

I'm babysitting today, but while the kiddos are napping, I'm going to try to update the website! I need to add some things about "Star Child". Hopefully I get the chance to be productive... As should you. ;)

Until next time!

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