• Shannon Aardsma


On a warm September morning in Germany, as the birds were just beginning their morning chorus, and the city was just waking up, there was a disturbance in the apartment building on the corner. The fire-escape window of the third apartment to the right on the fifth story was broken and an imposing, dark figure sneaked out. Only moments afterward, three security men appeared on the fire-escape, surrounding the former figure. There seemed to be no escape for the dark figure, when suddenly, he leaped to the balcony above and pulled himself up. Then, as a phantom, he disappeared into the morning mist. The security guards looked around for a moment to find him, but soon returned to the apartment where the misfortune had befallen one of the renters.

Well! I'm a day late, but I have a good excuse. ;) I was riding back from N.Y. with my sister yesterday, and we didn't get home until after nine. With groceries to put away, and suitcases and pillows and blankets to lug up the stairs, I was ready for sleep by ten and didn't even remember that I had a blogpost due until I was lying in bed. I decided to just wait until today because I had to get up early for work. So here it is! I thought it might be interesting to see how "Star Child" (then titled "The Ghost Offender") began when I first started writing it...probably four years ago now (at least; and I made no changes to it). The story and characters have drastically changed since then, but maybe I'll reuse this someday for a different story. Who knows. :)

I hope everyone had an enjoyable week! I know I had a great time visiting my family, and I miss them already.

I hope you have a productive week, as always! Until next time. :D

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