• Shannon Aardsma

Jane Returns!

This week has been...different. Confusing. Busy. Therefore...I kinda forgot about preparing a post for today. Thankfully, I have a small arsenal of backups! (Ok, it's a portfolio, but arsenal sounds more deadly ;)). Here is another short snippet involving Jane, written around the same time as the snippet in last week's blog. Enjoy!

The sun was going down as Jane sat on a rock and watched the frigid water rush past her. The air was crisp and cool, silent birds soared in the cloudy, blue sky, and a gentle breeze was just becoming a slight wind. Jane marveled at how tumultuous the water became as it poured over the slick rocks; the sound was almost deafening at certain times of the year after heavy rainfall or after the snow melted. The sun was now hidden by the trees, but its rays still hit the sparkling water painting it yellow and orange.

Until next week! I'll probably continue this trend of snippets for a bit for two reasons: it's fun for me, and I am lacking in ideas that I have the time and capacity to explore and then write about. So bear with me, but I hope you're enjoying them. Many of the snippets involving Jane are short, but I'm sure I have longer options in my arsenal. Let me know what you're thinking of them so far. And I hope this next week is a productive one for you in whatever you're doing! :)

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