• Shannon Aardsma

Old Versus New

Hey, y'all! For this week's post, here's a snippet of my old work! I wrote this...five years ago? And I've done no editing on it. It's short, but my raw work from years ago.

Jane sat atop a sandy cliff. It was not a very tall or imposing cliff; hardly could it be called a cliff but that, possibly twelve feet straight down, the green sea crashed white and foamy upon the black rocks, shined by the pummeling waves. The blue-green-marbled sea stretched as far as the horizon allowed, where it melted into the sapphire sky. Jane's eyes followed the seagulls as they wandered in that sapphire sea dotted with wispy ships traveling towards that bright, warm port of gold only to be turned away to roam aimlessly again. Everything there was peaceful and not bothered with the business of the rest of life in Domrey.

Well, there you have it! If you'd like to hear more about Jane, let me know in the comments! I have a few more snippets concerning her. And...if you'd like to see how my writing has improved, I have a free short story for you! It's part one of two, and part two will be released as a blog post within a few weeks, but I'm using part one as a giveaway of sorts. Now, anyone who subscribes will receive part one as a pdf in my welcome email, but I wanted all of my current subscribers to have that chance as well. I'll be getting an email out to you all by the end of the day containing the story! I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to leave comments relating to the short story at the bottom of this post (and any relating to this snippet as well, of course). :) See you all next week!

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