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Prologue Snippet

For today's post, I thought I'd share the prologue to my current WIP (work in progress) "The Protector". Enjoy!

There was a time when the universe was peaceful. Trade among the numerous worlds was kind, travel therein permitted and even welcomed. Ziforen stood above the other worlds, acting as a caring ruler to keep order in the universe. When needed, aid was offered to the lesser worlds, though the rulers of Ziforen made sure no excessive aid was given as that would surely bring weakness to the disadvantaged world. Yet the mercifulness and wisdom of these rulers became known throughout the universe, and they were revered above all others. They were the Time Jumpers. Under their rule, peace abounded; peoples were cared for and fed; discord was snuffed out, arguments settled through just rulings. Then there arose the Kyvernites, a greedy people, hungry for power and wealth. They sewed strife among the worlds. Soon the once peaceful universe was wrought with quarrels. Ziforen slipped from its pedestal, and the Time Jumpers vanished without a trace, leaving behind a merciless group of rulers on Ziforen. Where the Time Jumpers had seen a chance to help and improve the galaxy, this group -- the Council -- saw worlds ripe for conquer. Yet the Kyvernites still posed a substantial threat, and, instead of sending aid to worlds about to fall to this warring people, the Council closed their gates, content to watch until the Kyvernites had their fill of victories. Then, with the Kyvernites worn from their bloody campaigns and fat and lazy from the spoils of war, Ziforen would once again regain control of the universe. They would strike while the Kyvernites were too weak to defend against the unforeseen attack.

And yet, they could not close off all assistance to the warring worlds. When the Time Jumpers disappeared and the Council rose up to rule a chaotic Ziforen, they created factions and divided the biddable Ziforenites among these groupings. There were many factions: Gatekeepers, Warriors, Healers, and Charmers to name a few. There were also those without a faction, but the final faction was that of Protector. Such was Zaneta Gennaios. She had lived only eighty-three years when she stepped into the role of Protector of the planet Aerlae, seventeen years sooner than she should have. Still but a child, she was cast into her duties amidst a turbulent universe. Hardly had she stepped into her role before she was called upon. A battalion of the fiercest Kyvernite warriors led by Stevraus Skliros -- Stevraus the Cruel -- was attacking the planet Zaneta was sworn to protect: Aerlae, known to the inhabitants thereof as Earth.

I'm going to be working on other legends for Ziforen, but they may be quite far in the future. No hints for next week's post as I myself don't have a definite idea for it, but I hope you'll be back for it! Have a blessed week! :)

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