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Pumpkins, Dancing, and Other Fallish Things

Here in the north country, I know it seems like fall is nearly over, but I'm holding on as long as possible. I refuse to accept that winter is upon us despite the snow I see on the ground as I sit on the sunporch writing this. I'm also realizing that I didn't do as much this fall as I would have hoped, but I did get the chance to try something new so I'll settle for that. ;)


A few nights ago, I spent *hours* carving a pumpkin. I started as soon as we had had our family devotions, and it was nearly midnight by the time I had finished gutting, carving, and photographing my "masterpiece". And in case you were wondering, lying on your stomach on cold bricks at 11:00 at night in late October will chill you to the bone. The temperature that night was low 30s (F), and by the time I came inside, my toes and nose were completely frozen. But I think it was worth it. :)

Y'all should know by now that I love dragons.

The flash actually didn't ruin the picture, and I'd like to point out the "Mother of Dragons" candle (the bluish one on the left) which was gifted to me by a very dear friend.

I left the dragon to guard our wood stove that night.


Speaking of the wood stove, it was only a day or two after my pumpkin carving endeavor that my dad started the wood stove. Of course, my pumpkin had to be moved, but I absolutely *love* that there's a fire in the wood stove again. It makes the house seem that much cozier.


Alright, I'll get to the dancing now. Two nights ago, I went line dancing with two of my friends, and that was one of the best nights I have ever had. It was 17th century line dancing, so similar to that of Pride and Prejudice, though not exact. That type of dancing has always been my favorite, and I thank God that I had the opportunity to try it out. I'll definitely be going again if I get the chance.

Since it's close to Halloween, it was a costume dance night, and I chose to go as a pirate *surprise, surprise :P*. The fake dreads stayed in all night and all the next day (yesterday) as well, and I could definitely get used to a hairstyle like that.


I'm preparing for NaNoWriMo now. Well, more like it's nagging at me, but I keep it in the back of my mind and probably won't start really stressing about it until the 31st of this month in true procrastinator fashion. ;P


I suppose that's really all that's been happening in my life this month. *no, I did not become an adult. who told you that?* I decided to spend 4+ hours updating Write-on's home page yesterday and added a few pages. Another hour was spent this afternoon updating the mobile version as there were some major fixes needed. I plan on doing some more updates today to the 'characters' page, and a friend informed me that he believed my synopses were too short on my 'WIP' page so hopefully I won't go crazy trying to fix those.

Anywho, enjoy the rest of your fall, try new things, and as November starts, remember to be thankful for all God has given you. We should be thankful all year round, of course, but it can be easy to forget. So don't wait until Thanksgiving -- start being thankful now.

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