• Shannon Aardsma

Safety in Shadows

My tears mixed with the rain washing over her lifeless body. Each thunderclap shook me with terror. A few feet away, my father lay motionless as well, blood streaming from the small hole in his chest.

“Wake up. Please. This-this is a game, right? I’m sorry. I won’t run away again. Wake up, Mama,” I croaked, though I knew my pleas were useless. Even now, her skin was eerily cool to my touch. Her warm breath was absent from her lips. The hand I gripped didn’t reciprocate any love or comfort.

I jumped and a terrified scream escaped my lips as a gentle hand rested on my shoulder. Throwing my arms around my mother for the safe reassurance I knew I wouldn’t receive, I looked up at the figure, eyes wide with fright. A comforting smile graced his shadowed features. He stretched a hand down to me.

“Come, little one. I’ll take you to safety.”

Sobbing, I choked out, “I want Mama! I won’t leave her! She’ll-she’ll be ok.” I tried to blink back more tears, but they fell despite my efforts. “I know it. She’ll wake up.” Voicing the lies only made me more aware of the grisly truth that she would never again hold me. Never again would I be lulled to sleep by her angelic voice. Never again would her cherry lips rest upon my forehead as she calmed me after a nightmare.

The man crouched next to me, his voice soft. “You know that’s not true, little one. But I can take you somewhere safe. Give you a home, food, a place to sleep. Come.” He stood and reached out his hand once more. Police sirens drew closer, multiplying my fright. Sniffling, I released my grasp on my mother and slipped my hand into his.

“That’s right, little one. You’ll be safe.”

I cast a final glance back at my parents as he led me off into the shadows…

I'm sorry this is late! I completely lost track of days. BUT this is the prologue to my current WIP! (Oh, did I mention that I've switched WIPs? facepalm Yeah...The Protector is on hold for the time being...). Anywho, I hope you enjoyed that! And...hopefully it made you a bit sad. That's the point. ;)

Housekeeping...? Well, not exactly, but just...a curiosity. I just want to make sure that all of my subscribers received part one of "The Heartache That Split the World". If you did, great! You can let me know...or not. But please do contact me if you didn't receive it. I'd just like to know for sure that it got out. :) That way I can post part two (when it's finally written).

Back to business! Are you liking the snippets? Maybe I can get some short stories written as well that I could post. Or more snippets...? That's what I'm going to work on right now actually. Book and short story writing.

If your day has not been productive...that's ok! Mine hasn't either until now. But that doesn't mean the rest of the day has to be a waste! Do something productive! Write, read, work in your garden...or do whatever else it is you have to do. :) Good luck! See ya next time.

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