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Spooky Snippets

So...I meant to post these last night. But I forgot. You know how it is...right? :P Anywho, here are two late Halloween snippets to kick of the month of November. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. :)


Ben: Alright! I’m ready! emerges from the bathroom. his face, neck, torso, arms, and hands are painted green. he has orange strips of cloth tied around his head and wrists, and a cardboard shell slung over his back, nunchucks poking out of his pants pocket

Colette: ….the heck?

Ben: I’m Mikey! The Ninja Turtle?

Colette: Yeah, I assumed that. But why?

Ben: I like turtles, ok?

Colette: shrugs Ok. slowly grins One thing needs to be touched up. retrieves the green paint from the bathroom, and, after mixing it with black to make it darker, paints a six-pack on Ben’s stomach

Ben: frowns at her Very funny. What are you?

Colette: grins a bit An undercover CIA agent.

Ben: ……

Ben: That’s cheating. You have no costume.

Colette: shrugs I prefer to think of it as being smart and saving on time and money.

Ben: It’s boring. Go get a costume. turns to Marcus What are you?

Colette: rolls her eyes but runs upstairs

Marcus: A ghostbuster!

Ben: tilts his head Oh! I see it now. Where’d you get the backpack vacuum?

Marcus: Our church let me use it.

Ben: Nice. high fives Marcus Where’s Morgan? She’s coming, right?

Colette: comes back down the stairs and nods Of course. Morgan’s not about to pass up an opportunity to get free candy.

Ben: True. Ok, how in the world did you put together a Little Red Riding Hood costume so fast?

Colette: shrugs It's my superpower. Morgan is taking forever though.

Marcus: She’s finishing up her costume.

Ben: snorts She’s scary enough without a costume.

Morgan: from behind him Thank you.

Ben: jumps and screams. Whirls around to face her See what I mean?? eyes widen I FREAKIN LOVE YOUR COSTUME!

Morgan: grins ISN’T IT GREAT??

Colette: Um...who are you?

Morgan: I’m the Tenth Doctor of course!! Peasant.

Colette: Oh… Ok. Sorry, I haven’t seen more than one or two episodes.

Morgan: rolls eyes Let’s go get candy. goes out the door, her dad’s overcoat billowing out behind her

Ben: Dang, that was a good costume idea. follows, Marcus and Colette in tow


Jeff: Gabe, are you ready?

Gabe: For…?

Jeff: ‘Trick or treating’! I’ve reminded you half a dozen times this week.

Gabe: And each time I reiterated the fact that I want nothing to do with it. I’ll be downstairs.

Jeff: steps in front of him as he’s leaving Oh no. I’m making you help. Have some fun every now and then!

Gabe: Giving candy to a bunch of kids dressed as witches and Star Wars characters is not included in my definition of fun.

Jeff: Too bad. You’re going to be involved just this once. And you need a costume.

Gabe: No.

Jeff: grins I have to perfect idea. dashes off, returning with a black cape and Darth Vader mask which he puts on Gabe Perfect.

Gabe: I hate you for this. pauses Are you a pirate?

Jeff: Yup. ...Gabe? Are you- are you pouting?

Gabe: What? Of course not. I’m frowning cause this is stupid.

Jeff: No no. This isn’t your normal frown. sighs Do you want to be a pirate too?

Gabe: grumbles. quietly Yes.

Jeff: grins Ok, come here. grabs his hand and pulls him upstairs. Finds the appropriate pieces for a pirate costume and leaves Gabe to change, rushing downstairs to make sure he doesn’t miss any ‘trick or treaters’

Gabe: comes down the stairs, less grumpy than usual

Jeff: Yes! You look great, but you’re missing something. Hold still. lines his bottom lash line thickly with black eyeliner

Gabe: raises an eyebrow Was that necessary? Where did you even get eyeliner?

Jeff: The guyliner just adds to the pirate look. And uh...that doesn’t matter. doorbell rings Come on! Our first ‘trick or treater’. pulls Gabe over to the door

Gabe: shakes his head as he follows, a smile tugging at his lips. maybe Halloween wouldn’t be so bad this year

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