• Shannon Aardsma

The End of a Chapter

Thursday was my last day of high school! And it was the best last day ever. My school (a grand total of about 20 kids) went to the beach, despite it only being around 60 degrees F outside. We had a good game of volleyball, ate delicious food, and some of us were even crazy enough to go swimming. Due to the fact that there was no sun, it was windy, and the water was like 50 degrees, we were purple when we came out to sit by the fire. I kid you not. Our knees, backs, and cheeks looked like they had massive bruises! But it was so much fun. We returned to school and the upper classmen had a rousing game of Ultimate Frisbee (which did a great deal to warm us up after swimming). I couldn't have had a better ending to my high school career. Thus ends one chapter of my life --- a chapter that a few years ago felt like it would never end, but now seems to have gone by too fast. And, as my friend ~you know who you are~ loves to tell me: now I get to pay taxes and car insurance and get a real job and wallow in student loans (not happening, thank you very much) and live off of Ramen noodles and watermelon (cause watermelon is delicious). But that's ok. That just means I am starting a new chapter, and though it may seem scary right now, I'm trusting God to get me through it. I am eager to see what the future has in store.

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