• Shannon Aardsma


“We’re losing her!” Pam grabbed the defibrillator in a final attempt to revive the young woman, but to no avail. “Gone…”

“5:02. Official time of death.” Jerry stood, gathering the scattered medical supplies from the pavement. “Any ID on her?”

Pam shook her head despondently. “All she was carrying was her phone. Scott’s got that.”

“Scott? Anything useful in identifying her or her family or anything?”

“Well...she was in the middle of typing a text. The contact is ‘Him’ with a heart emoji.” Scott read the unfinished text:

“I can’t keep doing this. Back and forth. I’ve avoided saying this, but I need to now. I l--”

“And that’s where it ends. Seems important… I’m sure she’d have wanted him to know how she feels…” A sly smile spread across Scott’s face.

“Don’t you dare. That’s private. You don’t even know what she was going to say,” Jerry reasoned.

“Oh, come on... It’s obvious. Besides...I already sent it. Like five minutes ago.”

“What?! Scott!” Jerry stomped over and snatched the phone to confirm Scott’s confession. It was true. He’d sent the text after adding the letters ‘o-v-e-y-o-u’. Jerry smacked Scott in the back of the head. “That was wrong, and you know it.”

“I couldn’t help myself! It’s romantic…”

Even Pam rolled her eyes. “Did you at least read some of the prior conversation to gauge what she was going to say?”

“There was none. No other texts to ‘him’.”

Pam’s response was cut short by a sudden gasp from behind them. Scott shrieked as Jerry and Pam wheeled around to see the young woman sitting up, eyes wide, her breathing heavy and gasping.

“You said she was dead!”

“Shut up, Scott!” Jerry knelt next to the young woman. “Are you alright??”

“Phone.” She held out her hand expectantly.

Jerry blinked at her before guiltily producing the phone. She stared at it for a few seconds before slowly raising her eyes to meet theirs.

“What did you do… Who sent this?!”

“Uh...that would be me…” Scott stepped forward. “I assumed him was a secret crush or something… Is that...not the case?”

Slowly, she shook her head. “Not at all…”

“But...the heart emoji….”

Jerry interjected, “Wait, I’m more concerned with how you’re alive. You were dead. Really dead. For several minutes. And now you’re fine? What happened??”

Her gaze shifted to Jerry. “I’m not...mortal. Not exactly.” Again she looked at Scott. “And you just told Hades, the god who owns my heart, that I love him.”

Haha! That was fun. I wrote that a few months ago based on a prompt from Pinterest. I hope you enjoyed it! May your coming week be more productive than my day was today...hence the late post. Till next time!

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