Day 3 of Language Building!

March 26, 2018

So, a while back I decided that I would eventually create an original written and spoken language for my work in progress fantasy novel. I had planned to do this far in the future, but I got so excited about it and so motivated to at least work on the written characters that I ignored my original plan of waiting and started on it a few days ago. I now have twenty-eight letters, the ten essential numbers (0-9), and twenty-one words! I have decided upon several grammar and phonetic rules and am about to play around with pronouns. You know how sometimes you don't realize how difficult a task is going to be until you start it? Well, that's how this project has been. I mean, I knew it would take a lot of work and time, but I am now realizing just how much goes into creating a language. I have a much deeper appreciation of the Elven languages Tolkien created and other languages that any writer had to develop. Anywho, I'll keep you updated on my progress. :) Osh (bye) for now!  

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