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December 22, 2018

I am very late on posting a few things (my November blessings list for one, which I swear I will get to), but here's part two to the Underdogs Halloween snippet I posted nearly two months ago now. If you don't remember that one, go check it out! But anywho, here it is: "The Morning After". 



Colette: Rise and shine, sleeping beauties!

Ben: groans and covers his face with a pillow as Colette opens the blinds, casting rays of noontime sun all around the candy-wrapper-strewn living room

Marcus: sleepily What time is it?

Colette: Quarter to one. Time to get up.

Morgan: glaring from under her blanket where she protectively hides her bag of candy I will murder you. Close the blinds, peasant.

Colette: I warned you not to eat all your candy in one night. And to get to bed before dawn.

Morgan: I didn’t eat it all! I ate a reasonable fifteen pieces.

Colette: That’s...definitely reasonable… shakes her head I was more referring to the boys anyway.

Ben: weakly It was for Science! Right, Marcus?

Marcus: Uh-huh… For Science…

Colette: chuckles Yeah, ok. I’ll bring you all some hot apple cider. kisses each one’s head -- Morgan being sure to protest this, though sleepily -- before going back to the kitchen. after five years of ‘trick or treating’ with the three of them, she knew what to expect the day after Halloween


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