Star Child

Taken in as a child by an infamous criminal, Jeffery is turned into a deadly assassin. It's a life he'd never have wanted but learned to live with and accept. That is, until a chance meeting with a young girl during a mission causes him to rethink all he's done. Is it too late to atone for all of the wrongs he's committed? And if he leaves his life of crime behind him now, will he ever learn the truth of who is? 


Evangeline Carter is the daughter of a pirate captain who's learned how to get what she wants through thieving and deceit. All she's known is pain and hardship, leaving her with the worldview that nothing good ever lasts. Everything is but as smoke in the wind, temporary, meaningless, hevel.  Will dashing pirate Rowan Gainsby with his optimistic outlook be able to convince her otherwise? 

Ziforen Series

Book One: 

Zaneta has to step up and become a leader when a power-hungry Kyvernite threatens Earth, the planet she is sworn to protect. She'll face losses along the way, but will she be able to put that pain behind her and do what's needed?


Book Two: 

Mylo struggles with doing what he thinks is right. Will he have the courage to stand up against those in charge even if it means certain death? 


Book Three:

No one has seen or heard from the Kronostaer Dae'iis in nearly a hundred years. So when someone from this legend race shows up on Ziforen and threatens to overthrow the government, what will the council do? Will the Kronostaer Dae'is succeed in restoring order to Ziforen? 


Follow Zaneta, Mylo, and the legendary Kronostaer Dae'is in their interplanetary battles, perilous revolts against a corrupt government, and efforts to rebuild a broken society.