Here I plan to tell all about Zifoeren - the planet that is home to Zaneta and Mylo. I will give little snippets on this page and hopefully go into greater detail elsewhere.

The History

(This is an old legend that I have since replaced, but I still love it)

“Long ago, when Ziforen was in its infancy, there were the Time Jumpers. A noble race, capable of reaching through the confines of time into the past or future of a world with no intention of malice, but rather to better the lives of all they could. They ruled the galaxy with benevolence and all was peaceful...until the Kyvernites rose up in opposition. A great battle broke out - a few hundred Time Jumpers against hundreds of thousands of trained Kyvernite warriors bred for battle and destruction. Though they never stood a chance, the Time Jumpers fought bravely, protecting all others in the galaxy from this brutal nation. Alas, despite their best efforts, it soon became apparent that the bloody war was futile. The handful of Time Jumpers who were left retreated to a crevice of the universe free from space and time where they would await the proper time to return. In their wake, they left a confused and frightened people. Ziforen - a world that once sat on the edge of time, free to roam when they would please - was jostled into its own place on the timeline of the universe. The Time Jumpers had the good sense to set up a shell of a government for the infant planet before leaving it to grow on its own. And grow it did. The council raised up a great nation and the Time Jumpers became not more than legends. Ziforen became more powerful, more structured, more feared than it ever had been, and as the other infant worlds around it grew, the council became greedy. It wasn’t enough for them to rule one planet. No, they looked out into the heavens and saw a young universe, begging to be conquered. How could they deny that plea? And so they began their merciless scavenge. They would not stop until not a world was left that did not bow to their every order. This would take years, millennia, but they would be patient. Looking ahead, they saw but one thing: a galaxy where Ziforen was respected just as it had been during the reign of the fabled Time Jumpers. What they did not realize was that their rule through fear would never gain them the respect they craved. Even their own people began to lose the admiration they once held for their leaders. The people withdrew to the farthest corners of the planet, trying desperately to escape the reach of their malevolent rulers. All seemed hopeless...until the arrival of one ordinary looking man, yet far from ordinary was he. His race had become nothing more than legends. It would soon be proven, though, that they were all too real, and they were returning after millennia in the shadows to piece back together the broken world, the broken universe. He was a Time Jumper.”

The People


Zifoeren has several distinct peoples or factions. Each faction has a specific job for which they are prepared from childhood. Often, depending on what faction someone is in, he will have distinct physical features and abilities. Check out my page for the factions where I lay them all out more clearly. : )