Words, Words, and Even More Words!


I: Kee

Me: Keek

My: Keekae

Mine: Oy


He: Wae

Him: Waek

His: Waekae


She: Zhe

Her: Zheek

Hers: Zheekae


You: Tae

Your: Taek

Yours: Taekae



It: Lo

Its: Lo'ae


We: Sie

Our: Siek

Ours: Siekae

Us: Soy


They: Zae

Their: Zaek

Theirs: Zaekae

Them: Zoy






You may have noticed a pattern with the adjectives (at least I hope you did). I wanted them to relate to each other in a clear way. I hope I accomplished that goal. :)

Is: Et

-As of yet, there is no conjugation for this verb and I am reluctant to conjugate my verbs because I want this language to be as simple as possible. But in the future, if it becomes apparent that conjugation is needed, I will be sure to add it. 

Have: Het

  "Important" Words

A/An: Uen

The: Zaer

There: Uegeer

Here: Ogee'u

Those: Sim

These: Set

This: Es

That: Ath

Who: Wem

What: Wosh

When: Wek

Where: Waes

Why: Woerent

How: Koe

Not: Nuen

Name: Ofae


Just  "Random" Words

Hello: Zozae


Goodbye: Osh/Osheer 

-Osh is used most of the time. The only occassions that require Osheer are final partings such as someone going off to war, or dying, or any time when the parties are not likely to ever see each other again.


Yes: Ol


No: Nuet


Good: Im


Bad: Kodreeb


Love: Zan


Hate: Naerazet


Friend: Etsae'etu

-Estae means welcome and etu means one when referring to a person. Therefore, friend is literally translated "welcome one."


Enemy: Naerazetu

-Naerazet means hate and etu means on making the rough translation for enemy, "hated one."


Past: Roz


Present: Roroe


Future: Zoer


One: Etu


Rule: Zifoer


Honest: Saej


Wise: Shan


Strong: Mielo


Hope: Eeshen


Earth/Ground: Kwaeg


Air: Efeer


Fire: Yasheer


Water: Izhem 


Mother: Movae


Father: Wen


Life: Movaewen

-I love this one because it is a combination of "mother" and "father."


Death: Jaemue'eten


Thanks/Thank you: Muhowae


Welcome: Etsae


Light: Luem


Day: Luemroroe

-A combination of "light" and "present."


Night: Okvaeluem

- A combination of "light" and "absent."


Absent: Okvae


In: Sae


Out: Nuesae


With: Com


Within: Comsae

-Literally "with" and "in."


Without: Comnuesae

-Literally "with" and "out."


Okay: Kae


Crazy: Woku

-The only reason this exists is that I wanted to use "waka-waka" (Fool). 


Fool: Wokuwoku


Now: Veet.


Owl: Nin

-The words for "Owl" and "Wise" were taken from my name, "Shannon," which I have heard means "wise owl."